Monday, 28 October 2013

Cheap work out clothing

I know every blogger and his or her dog has done a 'where to find affordable workout clothing' post but here I am about to do one. Sorry not sorry! I had planned on writing a post about my first Cross Fit experience that I had yesterday but I need more time to research it, because I care about my readers and would hate to give out false or misleading information. (For the record- I loved it!)

So I find that I tend to search for long periods of time online and in stores on where to find quality yet non costly workout attire. It's a hit and miss endeavour and one that can be frustrating at times. I don't want to read about where certain 'famous' bloggers get their workout clothing as I know that said blogger has been sponsored by a particular brand, or a brand sends them free clothing to review or they just earn a lot more money than me and you know they're not buying from the Target clearance rack. I sound jealous and that's because I am. I wish I could afford every new item of Lululemon or Lorna Jane but I can't. I'm a student. I work part time. And I have bills and rent to pay.

I look HARD when I'm searching for workout clothes. Some deals are one day only offers and you have to be quick while stocks last.

Catch of the Day, for Aussie readers, is a great one for snap sales. They usually have top brands (Asics, Nike, Reebok etc) at a fraction of the cost. But as I said be quick or you will miss out on those mint colored Nike Free Runs *sigh*.

Budget stores such as Cotton On , Target and Big W are also good stores to find fashionable gear. They are very much 'on trend' with fitness clothing and will cater to a range of exercise needs. Here are a few of my current faves from Cotton On:

Active Wristband (source)

'Inspired' Active Tank (source)

'The Body Down Under' Shortie (source)

Active Ankle Socks (source)

'Work It' water bottle (source)

Lastly you can always search the big brand stores. My favorites include Running Bare, Rebel Sport and The Iconic. Some of them have online only sales which is great for plebs like me who live out in the sticks and can't run to the nearest store at the drop of a hat. Their return policies however may not cover online purchases, so always check before you buy. I'm sure they're fine but I'd hate for anyone to be stuck and unsatisfied with their new purchase.
So there you have it. A quick and current blog post on how to get the most bang for your buck when shopping for workout clothing. I hope to include many posts like this for those reader who, like me, are on budgets, or for those that are just thrifty in general. Hope it helped!

-Tahlia XO

P.S I was not sponsored by Cotton On to do this post I just really really love their clothes. Really. 

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