Monday, 14 October 2013

Case of the Blahs

Hello again readers,

Its been a while since my last post. I feel the need to apologize for my lack of posts to anyone who is genuinely interested in my haphazard and unskilled ramblings about pilates, my dogs and my life. Luckily, I don't think anyone is reading regularly and I can continue to amble along in the blog world, posting whenever I feel like it. But I do apologize to anyone who is frustrated over my sporadic posting schedule. I have the time to post more regularly, but I haven't been in the right frame of mind. The no job situation is probably starting to get to me. Although I'm still positive about my future it does suck having to be REALLY tight with my money. A girls gotta have some pocket money to play with right? Shopping withdrawals are a bummer.

 I've had so many job  interviews but haven't  heard back from anything yet *sadface*. Job hunting is a lot more soul sucking and motivation draining than I thought it would be and although I try to keep my thoughts on the happy side, sometimes I just can't be fucked. I sit around. I watch too many You-Tube videos. I procrastinate. I try new hair do's, make up and outfits. I chase the dogs around the yard. I obsessively clean the house. I can't think of anything interesting to post about because my life is so incredibly boring at the moment. 

I'm being honest in saying that because there really is not a lot going on for me right now. And I wouldn't want to bore any readers with the same old posts about my pilates exercise for the day or pictures of my dogs because even though that's the name of the blog, I hope to include more interesting and thought provoking content than 'today I did such and such' posts. So stick with me, invisible readers, and I will really try and keep things more varied. 

So what's new? As I mentioned last time my parents visited and they were very impressed with how clean my house was (I fooled them yeeeesssss). There is not much to see in my town apart from the beach and the botanical gardens so after checking out those two locations my parents went for a ride to the next town over and had a look there while I got some much needed study done at home.

While I haven't gotten into any of the practical side yet  I'm quite enjoying my studies in becoming a qualified personal trainer. It was a tough and $$ decision to make, but I knew that if I didn't make up my mind then and there I would miss the enrollment block and would be regretting it for the next 6-12 months. I'm so glad I did as its something that I'm genuinely interested in and am passionate about. This blog 'aint called puppies and pilates for no reason. The course won't entitle me to become a pilates instructor from the get go but I hope to undertake more training to professionally teach mat classes. One day even pilates reformer classes- those are the classes done on the complicated looking machines. I am currently fascinated by how intimidating they look. 

What the course does qualify me in, as I said in a previous post, is certificate 3 and 4 in fitness. That allows me to be a personal trainer in a gym or similar setting. I am really into boot-camp style fitness at the moment- I love me some burpees, jumping jacks and sprints, so I hope to be able to teach those kinds of classes and to help my clients become faster, stronger and healthier. I love fitness and exercising so much that I want to infect everyone around me with its ability to make you addicted to the burn and those wonderful exercise endorphins that you get after a particularly tough session. Its the best natural high in the world. So far I have dragged my boyfriend along with me, forcing him to do squats and push ups. He says its torture but deep down I known he secretly can't wait until our next session.

For today's workout I was in a legs and bum mood. My butt is pretty flat so I'm constantly trying to get that nice, perky bum look as seen on the girls of Victoria Secret. Or like Jessica Simpson in her Daisy Duke period. Unfortunately I love chocolate and wine a little too much but that doesn't stop me from working out my legs and bum as often as I can. Progress never perfection is a saying that I hear thrown around a lot in the fitness world and that definitely applies to me.

I tried to search "Daisy Duke Gif" and this is the best I could get... (source)

I did the Pop Pilates Butt Blaster and it was an effective 25 minute workout that really blasted my butt. 

No joke, my legs were burning and shaking. I even worked up quite a sweat, which indicated how tough I was working out. I felt strong and motivated during it with Cassey's encouragement and for pilates beginners there are modifications to the exercises so that its not too hard. Any one can do it. Even YOU

That was the only exercise I did today. As soon as my butt hit that mat after the last pose I knew that my legs were like jelly. Probably should have done some cardio first. Ah well lesson learnt. When Cassey says its going to be a tough workout then you better believe it!
I better log off now as I accidentally mentioned going for a walk to the doggies and now they won't stop crying until I take them on one. They sure know how to tug my heart strings those furry little manipulators.

It is unbelievably hard to get these two to sit still enough for me to take their picture. Never work with animals.

-Tahlia XO

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